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Welcome to the home page of “Romeo and Juliet … Again!”, the world’s newest and most innovative musical adaptation of William Shakespeare’s classic tale which focuses on the unforgettable feelings of … “until-death-do-you-part” love.

As one of literature’s most memorable tales of forbidden romance, this story has now been given a very unique musical treatment, which makes it flourish even more than you may have thought possible … to a place where the characters’ emotions have become melodies … where their passions have become lyrics … and where the most heart-wrenching play of all time, has become the most entertaining stage musical ever presented!

Just as Romeo and Juliet were so lovingly joined together, so now are the elements of classic literature, traditional music and contemporary lyrics … all culminating in a stunning combination to rival many of history’s most enduring musical creations.

We invite you to wander these pages and learn about the songs, the music and the lyrics … and if you happen to be involved with a public or private theater enterprise, …. then you very well may have discovered the opportunity of a lifetime … the chance to be the first in your region to license this outstanding musical endeavor!

As the bard once wrote, … “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.”

So therefore, … let the playing begin!