When we try to define our “audience”, what we mean is for who we’ve intended this version of the play.

Over the last many decades, numerous stage and film versions of “Rome and Juliet” have been developed and performed.

And yet, it seems far too many high school student continue to shy away from this ultimate love story from William Shakespeare.

That’s what drove the ultimate creation of, “Romeo and Juliet … Again!

We feel that the incorporation of appealing music will draw so many more students to want to embrace this play, as actors, actresses, stage crews, technicians and yes, even as an audience.

And so, we’re aggressively reaching out to each and every high school, all across the United States, all 37, 100!

And to each of those schools’ drama coordinators, we make you this very affordable,. and hopefully compelling, offer …

If you haven’t staged “Romeo and Juliet” in the last few seasons, this may very well be the opportunity you’ve been looking for.

Here’s are out perusal and licensing basics … and please keep in mind, these basics are not intended as “money-makers” for us, they’re simply intended to cover our costs, … since there are close to 40,000 secondary schools throughout the nation, it’s quite conceivable our costs could grow very significant, if it wasn’t for the token fees noted below:

  • One (1) bound copy of the complete libretto, including postage ($15.00)
  • One (1) bound copy of the complete score, including postage ($25.00)
  • One (1) downloadable MP3 instrumental version of any single song, with the melody volume minimized, in the key/vocal range of your choice, ($7.50)
  • All fifteen (15) downloadable MP3 instrumental versions, encompassing the entire score, each with the melody volume minimized, in the key/vocal range of your choice, ($75.00)
  • Licensing fee for your initial performance, unlimited audience size, (25.00)
  • Licensing fee for any subsequent performances during the same production run, unlimited audience size, (10.00)

Simply reach out to us via our HOW TO CONTACT US PAGE and let us know your area(s) of interest. We’ll reply as quickly as possible and arrange for rapid processing of your order.

NOTE: Please realize, these offerings are intended for academic and amateur production use only, and as such, any and all request must originate from either an academic or amateur theatre group domain address or associated email address, OR must be submitted as a PDF attachment on academic or amateur theatre group letterhead.